CACTN Services

The  Children’s Advocacy Centers of Tennessee (TNCAC) is a statewide membership organization dedicated to helping communities, through local child advocacy centers, respond to allegations of child abuse in ways that are effective and efficient – and put the needs of child victims first.

Membership Services

  • Training
    • Annual Connecting for Children’s Justice Conference
    • Membership-Wide Trainings
    • CAC Director Specific Training
  • Advocacy and Awareness
    • Liaison for CACs with the state legislature
    • Represent CACs  with various state agencies
    • Promotion of CACs through web site/web-based directory
  • Technical Assistance
    • Assist local CACs with National Children’s Alliance (re) accreditation 
    • Program evaluation and multi-disciplinary team development
    • Individual case and crisis consultations
  • Grant Administration
    • Administration of state semi-annual and annual reporting 
    • Respond to requests for information regarding state and/or National Children’s Alliance contractual and funding requirements
    • Review of grant proposals and/or budgets
    • Assist with enhancing grant/financial management to meet requirements of funders
  • Communications and Outreach
    • Marketing/Advertising
    • Quarterly Community Newsletter
    • Directory of CACs in Tennessee
  • Funding support
    • Scholarships for training/conference attendance
    • Small grants to assist with purchase of training material and/or agency operational expenses
    • Ongoing solicitation of funding for active and developing centers
  • Networking Opportunities
    • Quarterly Meetings for CAC Directors, Forensic Interviewers, Family Advocates and Community Educators to discuss current issues, policies, procedures and legislation concerning the response to child abuse and neglect 

This project is funded under an agreement with the State of Tennessee.