#MembershipMonday - CAC of Hamilton County

CACHC-Logo.jpgThis week, we're celebrating the work of our partners in the Chattanooga area at the Child Advocacy Center of Hamilton County. They are celebrating 25 years of service to children in 2016! They are so excited to be in a growth phase and are looking forward to moving into their new 10,000 square foot facility in the Chattanooga Family Justice Center later this year! You can show them some love on Facebook and Twitter. Keep reading to learn more about Maxine Turner, their Family Advocate. 

Describe your role at the CAC. 

I am the Family Advocate for Hamilton County. I meet families when they come into our center for the first time and talk with them about the center, services we provide, and the investigation process. I assist with finding needed services and resources. I also assist parents with applying for Victim's Compensation on behalf of their minor children. 

Why did you decide to go into your frield? 

I have always liked working with people, no matter what the situation might be. A kind word or a lending hand can make all the difference in the world to them. Someone recognized this about me and encouraged me to follow this path. The person was my mother. 

What are your hobbies/interests outside of work? 

Family is very important to me. We try very hard to spend time together, traveling, working in the yard, or just sharing a big meal. I like getting lost in a good book and relaxing when time allows. 

What are some events or projects (personal or professional) that you would like to share? 

The events at our center are important because we help so many children and their families. I share information with families about these events and community education opportunities when they come into our center. Cancer has had a tremendous impact on my life. I hope to become more involved in that fight and to encourage others as well. 

How can community members and potential donors support your CAC? 

Monetary contributions and attending our fundraising events are essential. Learning more about child abuse, its impact, and helping to spread this information would help the entire community. This info can be found at on our website

What is on your CAC wish list? 

A center that is spacious enough for families to have complete privacy but enable them to meet with multiple people at the same time. This would put them more at ease, get their questions answered and engage them in the process. It would also help us to find out what their needs are and how - together - we can assist them. Our center would be located in an area that is inviting, comfortable, and picturesque. This center will be a reality for us when we move to the new Hamilton County Family Justice Center. 

In such a demanding field, what keeps you focused and positive about the work you do? 

Every day is a challenge, and we have to be able to meet that challenge and make a positive difference. This keeps me focused, and at the end of the day, I hope that my efforts are worthy of that challenge. A child and a family who have never experienced anything like this before will find themselves at our doorstep, and we must assist them in every way we can. 


Because these ladies are so busy taking care of kids (656 last year with the number continuing to grow), only a few of the CACHC Staff could pose for a picture. Pictured above (left to right) includes Clinical Director, Linda Elligan; Family Advocate, Maxine Turner; Development Associate, Sarah Spencer; Therapist, Meredist Casada; Client Records Specialist, Jennifer Blair; Executive Director, Shelley McGraw; Administrative Assistant, Candy Overby; Forensic Interviewer, Erica Walker; and Director of Intervention Services, Stacy Cook. Not pictured: Office Administrator, Hollie Beckett; Therapist, Rebekah Doreau; Community Outreach Coordinator, Kristen Pavlik McCallie; External Affairs Assistant, Katy Murphy; Nurse Practicioner, Ashley O'Barr; Forensic Interview Coordinator, Brenda Reed; and Receptionist, Sue Taylor. 

This project is funded under an agreement with the State of Tennessee.